It took me a long time to create a teabag for our beautiful, premium, organic loose leaf teas.

First of all I am a tea purist. I like my tea steeped in a glass or ceramic teapot, tea leaves and ingredients frolicking and flourishing in the water. I don’t like built in tea infusers unless they are hard stainless steel, no mesh for me as the ingredients get caught in the net and can never be cleaned tainting my next cup of tea. I’m old fashion. I like to use a tea strainer.

But I was also very busy, running from place to place and oh how I wished I could have my tea on the run. (Rummage through my handbag anytime now and you will find an Ovvio teabag or two or three. Help yourself).

And finally and most importantly could a teabag effect the quality of my tea?

Could I retain the quality and size of ingredients? Whole or cut loose leaf vs microscopic dust of nothingness, devoid of flavour, aroma and health properties.

What was the bag, the tag and string made of? Chemical or natural? Would the bag taint the flavour of the tea? Could I get a full tea extraction?

The exercise was difficult but well worth it.


Did you know?

Most teabags use fannings, small pieces of tea that are left over after higher grades of tea are gathered to be sold.

Traditionally these were treated as the discards of the manufacturing process in making high quality leaf tea.

Most teabags are made from bleached paper, nylon or polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

This cocktail of plastics and chemicals infuse directly into your tea and don’t break down in nature.


Ovvio silk teabags are unique; a conscious experience.

They are made from a biodegradable, delicate plant based mesh bag for eye opening flavor and therapy.

They’re transparent, a visually beautiful display of premium, certified organic, high-grade tea, herbs or plant: leaves, seeds, twigs, bark, pods, fruit.

It’s our way of offering convenience without compromise. Steep long and enjoy the Ovvio tea you love, in a bag.


The loose leaf tea lover

  • Drinks tea autonomously, demanding precision and freedom to add or subtract. (Some mornings, an extra scoop of English Breakfast is required).
  • Has a time-honored tea ritual. A pot on before breakfast, cup warmed & newspaper crisp. A daily meditation.
  • Is most likely an artist, designer or right-brained genius.
  • Tender, gentle infusions and unhurried ceremony.


The tea bag enthusiast

  • Takes their tea on the run. Needs flexibility. A single serving to whip out between meetings, business deals or clients.
  • Loves the satisfying weight of a well-steeped tea bag to dunk whilst daydreaming.
  • Is most likely a high-flyer, executive or busy parent.
  • Jingly, jangly, dippy, dunky, cup-for-one needs.


Here is our Ovvio Teabag Collection (not all tea blends made the teabag cut, some are just better steeped as a loose leaf, while others we hope to bag soon)