NATASHA KING Kinesiologist
Natasha King is a passionate facilitator to the health and wellbeing of others as she joins the Ovvio Naturopathic Clinic as a qualified Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, having completed her Diploma of Mind Body Medicine at the College of Complementary Medicine. Mind Body Medicine explores the relationship between the mind and the body simultaneously and can help people with illness and disease using physical tools like acupressure, diet, postural corrections as well as considering how lifestyle and emotional wellbeing has influenced a person’s health. Many different imbalances often come from a common motivator and using both Mind and Body techniques to support an individual allows accelerated healing and repair.
Kinesiology is one of the tools Natasha uses as it links both body and mind through muscle feedback that provides insights into the body and mind. Other tools Natasha includes during consultation are Energetic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Counselling, Aromatherapy, Chakra & Crystal Healing & Constitutional Analysis that provides detailed links between specific mind states and specific symptoms in order to better understand how a specific psychology contributes to a specific disease.
Providing consultations that are individually tailored to meet the needs of others, Natasha loves sharing the experience of her clients dissolving their body’s stress and compensation patterns, assisting them to live the life they want and need.
TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH NATASHA CALL HER DIRECT ON 0439 989 929 or email info@natashaking.com.au

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